1864 words later…

I have been thinking about starting my own blog for quite a bit of time now. As I started thinking more and more, it became clear that a blog is the only place where I can write about all the random stuff goes on in my head instead of annoying my friends about it. So here it is. Equinox. If you are wondering what does that mean and how it is related. It’s not. It just sounds good. As the title reads, after a painstaking process of selecting names for the blog, Equinox felt good.

To quote Varun Agarwal, “Don’t think. Just Do“. It makes sense. I couldn’t find a name after thinking so hard and for so long. If it made sense, it wasn’t relevant. If it was relevant I couldn’t find the domain name. Later I realised it doesn’t  matter. I mean what’s in a name right? That’s how I decided to name by blog. Welcome to Equinox.


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