Living the e-Life

It is hard to believe that not more than 15 – 20 years ago owning a computer was practically a novelty. It was a great deal to have a colour TV or even a Telephone in an average middle class household let alone a computer! That era is long gone now. Today our lives are literally controlled by computers. As cliched as it may sound, we live in an era where something which man created is, virtually controlling mankind. This is the direct effect of digitalisation. Look around you. Apart from photosynthesis, almost everything is a directly or indirectly connected to a computer.

“Industrialise or perish” – Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah

I’d like to introduce a modified version of that statement. One which makes a lot of sense now. “Digitalise or Perish”. Every bank, school, hospital, restaurant and even petty shops in almost every corner of the world are striving hard to digitalise their operations. Are they trying to be on par with today’s technology? Or have they just realised the importance of it? It doesn’t matter. The result justify the means. Day to day operations are getting easier and easier thanks to digitalisation. People do not have to take the struggle of maintaining physical records, ledgers, accounts anymore. A computer or even a mobile phone with similar capabilities will do it for them.

The .com bubble in USA played a major role in popularising the digital culture and slowly it spread across the world. Now anything and everything can be found on the internet. Be it pizzas from a local store or a blueprint to a missile, everything can be found within just a click of a button. Just when the world was waking up to this transformation, a new invention came along which would change the course of human life for good. The Mobile Phone.

Starting off as just a portable equivalent of the conventional land-line telephones, it was not long before inventors started adding more and more features to a mobile phone. The very fact that you could click pictures and listen to music using your phone was a big thing back then. Revolutionary mobile companies like Apple, Nokia, Samsung etc started manufacturing better models loaded with tons and tons of features. Then started the hurricane of Mobile Applications. The number grew like wildfire. Within a very short span of time, mobile phones transformed into smart phones which possessed the computational powers more than the rocket which sent man to moon. Application developers from all across the world started creating mobile apps for literally everything we use in daily life. This was the new bubble that bursted which can easily be stated as the digital revolution. Smartphones changed the way people lived. We can literally book a taxi, order food, shop online from millions of online stores, handle all our banking transactions literally with the touch of a button in our smartphone.

Now the title makes sense doesn’t it? Everything we do in our day to day life is dependent on our mobile phones and computers. GDP of nations are dependent on computers and mobile phones. Smartphones have changed the way of living for good. Healthcare, education, governance, disaster management, banking, communication all these sectors are revolutionised by digitalisation. We surely are living the eLife!

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