Memoirs of a Dream


We started out on a very sunny day on a land cruiser to see her. I was filled with hope to witness her in person. All the stories and rumours were about to be true in a couple of hours. Throughout the journey, I could only think about her beauty. It was all hearsay till then. I was anxious about our first meeting. Call it desire, call it wish, my head was filled with her thoughts. Just to distract myself from it, I started taking random pictures on my phone. But my mind would come back to her thoughts over and over again. Sun was shining bright and we had begun to enjoy the scorching heat. We knew it wouldn’t last long. “Enjoy it while it lasts”. Yep, that’s what I kept saying to myself. All I could see was well constructed, muti-lane highways to both the sides.


We stopped at a highway cafe. As soon as we got out of our car, we were welcomed by the hot winds which were like a preface to a beautiful ode waiting to unravel. I could feel her presence. The enchanting vibe teased us for what was yet to come. People started covering their heads with scarfs and bandanas. I could feel the sun kissing my face. The heat was the hero there. I just wanted to get back inside the car so that we could start driving again. After a couple of minutes, I started to see glimpses of her beauty. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had never felt so anxious before. As we started drifting away from the highway, I realised we were there. We started driving again. I saw her with all her grace and was left speechless. It was like somebody took my entire dream and made it into a reality. All I could do was admire her beauty. People started taking pictures. They were so busy capturing the moment, they forgot to live it. As I started moving towards her, she seemed to move further and further away from me. I couldn’t understand at first. Later, I began to realise, she was everywhere. She was omnipresent. People were amused by seeing how she slipped right through their hands whenever they thought they got hold of her. I was awestruck. The world beneath my legs started to fall apart one grain at a time. She was not a sight. She was a feeling which can only be felt, not described.


The sun went down but not the heat. After a couple of entertainment activities, we started heading back home. I just couldn’t get enough of her. But as people say “All good things must come to an end”. As we started travelling back, the streetlights flashed on my face one by one at regular intervals. I could still hear her voice echoing throughout the journey. It was an unbelievable feeling. One which cannot be expressed in words. I reached my room and all I did was sink into the bathtub and think about what how beautiful the day was. The impeccable beauty of the desert had manifested as a beautiful memory. The trip to Dubai was then complete.

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