Into the Green

I opened my eyes. It was blurry. I couldn’t see anything clearly. I needed time to understand what was going on around me. I was free. At times, I would see glimpses of green. Flashes moving in no particular manner. It was something new. Something I hadn’t yet experienced. It was cold.

I was free. I wasn’t bound by the burden of responsibilities or the ecstasy of joy. It was just silence. I was no longer bound to the ground. There was no up. There was no down. All the directions were lost to me. I felt time had slowed down. It was beautiful. Again, flashes of green. I tried to move further towards it. It was difficult. I couldn’t walk. Gravity was lost.

Gravity, like all the other forces in nature, is hiding in plain sight. Perhaps the most important of them all for evolution. Too difficult to understand. Too far fetched to harness. People say gravity anchors you down. I feel gravity uplifts you. To understand it. To understand the universe. To understand time. It was lost to me. I, for once, was free from gravity. I was free. Free to move. Free to imagine. Free to live the moment. Yet chained to my own system. Flashes of green.

As I drifted in some way, I saw the blue canvas. Concealing everything the universe has to offer. From rocks to hypernovas and quasars, it was blank. Sky had become the canvas where nature had painted the universe. I could see nothing but miles and miles of blue sky. Dark and serene. I drifted again. As I mentioned, directions, as I knew it, were lost to me.

I could feel the hair on my skin dangling in free space. Just how it would behave when exposed to an electrostatic force. Dancing to the tunes of pressure, current. I tried to move towards the green only to find it very difficult to move. It was no longer gravity. It was sheer pressure. I understood that and surrendered to the force. Flashes of green were still taunting me. I heard a faint noise in distant. Couldn’t comprehend what it was. It was blunt. It was something other worldly experience for me. The only thoughts I had were concentrated on the sound of my pulse.

I was out of breath and came up to the surface of the water. The pool had shown me what outer space would feel like. Without the bounds of gravity and direction, I was literally moving around in free space. It was an experience like no other. All the peace and calmness in the world was stored underwater. I got to witness it firsthand. Just as I started moving out, the maintenance people turned off the pool lights.

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