Of Gravity and Ghosts

The human brain can be easily deceived. Any event or activity which is completely rational can be believed to be something supernatural or something which is unexplainable very easily, given the appropriate circumstances. We have all been there. A dark night and an empty road can fill your mind with all sorts of wild thoughts. It might just be your brain playing tricks on you. If a place is new and if you are lonely, any normal activity, as simple as a rabbit passing through, may present itself as something unusual and induce fear in us. These are the kind of situations where we don’t know what is real and what is not. We will begin to crave for an explanation. When we can’t make sense out of something, we regard it as something which is beyond our understanding, something paranormal or something supernatural. Ergo, we start creating our own theories about something we don’t even know the history of. Something which does not obey the laws of nature. Something physics cannot explain. People term it as ghosts, spirits and what not. What if we are looking at it all wrong? What if there might be a rational explanation after all?

I ask myself whenever I see a horror movie that how does the ghost alter, manipulate electrical devices in a house? Or how can it make things and people levitate in thin air? These are the kind of events that directly defy the laws of physics and laws of nature. It might as well be just the director’s imagination to portray paranormal activities. We don’t know. But most of the horror movies and real-life experiences also describe similar situations. So either it is just a very big coincidence that most of them are telling the same sort of stories or there might be some truth to it after all. We don’t know for sure. Not yet at least. All these topics are too delicate to discuss. Nobody has a proper explanation as to what is happening and how is it happening. It can be easily regarded as a story to scare children no matter how true it is or how serious the consequences might be. There are paranormal studies happening all over the world with a hope to understand this in a better way and potentially come up with an explanation. This ideology about supernatural powers is persistent from ancient times. From Machu-Pichu till China, we all have heard stories about ghosts, evil spirits and supernatural/paranormal instances. Are these activities exempted from the laws of the universe? If yes, then so many laws and theorems in physics is void and cannot be considered universal. Something you don’t come across every day.

I have a never-ending need of wanting to make sense out of things. If it is something random, illogical or weird, I will not have a good night’s sleep until and unless I try and figure out the logic behind it. I cannot say there haven’t been any exceptions. There are times where I have just given up. Something far more humane than what I am writing here though. This made me think of all instances where I have come across, what could be a potential link between two unknown topics. I realised that the movie Interstellar had scenes where Coop and Murph talk about ghosts. If you remember, Murph will be constantly complaining that a ghost is making things fall in her room. That is something a normal ghost would do as we have seen in so many horror movies. Vases falling, frames flying around the house and stuff like that. Coop then speculates that it might be an underlying magnetic field which was messing with the tractors and other stuff. Later, when he sees the sand particles falling in a pattern he realises that it wasn’t magnetic filed which was responsible for the events but gravity. In the ending part of the movie, Murph, Coop and we audiences realise that Coop was the ghost. He will be manipulating the gravity in Murphy’s room from 5th dimension (gravity). For further explanation kindly watch the entire movie twice or thrice.

This struck me as a bolt. I began to connect the dots. What if Interstellar wasn’t just a movie about space travel or black holes? What is Interstellar is the answer to all the ghost movies out there? As I see it, the gravity and the 5th dimension concepts explain the paranormal activities to a very great extent. Think about it in Murphy’s point of view. Someone is moving her stuff around and someone is trying to communicate with her through books. This is the kind of storyline in every other horror movie. The only difference being that in Interstellar, there is a scientific explanation for it which might hold good for most of the inexplicable events happening out there. A good man once said, “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”. I agree, but when the answer is staring right at your face, why not reach out to it and understand our universe in a better way?  The ghosts might just be people or entities from another dimension trying to contact us through some or the other means. Some with good intentions and some with bad, but that is not the question here. Since it is not understandable by most of the people who experience it, they name it as paranormal activities. We fear what we cannot understand. It is the behind screen stuff for a magicians act. We will continue to wonder until we don’t understand the logic behind it. The moment you know how he does the trick, the auditorium will be empty. Murph had the interest and the scientific curiosity to understand what was happening in her room. Thus she tried finding a pattern in the falling of books and she was able to conclude that someone was trying to communicate with her. In other scenarios, it might have been easily leading to a priest coming to the room, blessing everything. At the end of the day, it was just gravity. Nothing else. It has been proved that gravitational forces can interact or exert a force on magnetism and electricity. After all, they are just two forces. This might as well explain the weird radio sounds and light bulbs going off in most of the horror movies. But, nothing can be accepted until and unless there is concrete proof for any hypothesis for that matter. BTW, Annabelle: Creation is an amazing movie 😀

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