Think again.

Still doesn’t make sense? I don’t blame you. Google defines entropy as ‘gradual decline into disorder’. How can you name something as a disorder when everything could be an order of its own. We know that the Earth’s revolution around the Sun is order because it has been the case for millions of years. Had Earth been in another place orbiting Proxima Centauri that would have been the order for us. We accepted it as order and that has been the case for everything else. Deep or may not be deep. The Universe is made this way. What it is now. This very moment. The very next moment, it changes. You call that chaos? Think again.

The Big Bang was billions of years ago and reportedly that is where everything began. It was chaos before it was cool. Take a moment to realise, you exist due to that chaos. Existence was born out of giant stellar bodies colliding with each other and producing all kinds of energies and radiations and what not. For all, we know it can just be another star exploding within a still bigger universe. I don’t expect you to comprehend all of this.I myself don’t most of the time yet I write. Again if you want to call it random, go ahead. Connect this with Greek mythology. The end of the horizon where mythology and science meet. Take a supposed random event and reorder it in another supposed random manner, something beautiful will be born. There are millions of frequencies out there in the universe. Select a few and organise it in a particular manner and voila! You just made Despacito out of nowhere. The most complex computer program out there is just a combination of letters and characters, nothing more than that. Novels, constitutions and everything else.

What if that isn’t the case? Think about it in this way: Every act or moment or activity you feel random or chaos is a pattern on its own. Deep right? You feel that road accident was actually an accident? Think again. Both the drivers’ every decision from his birth till that point, directly or indirectly made way for that moment to exist. To happen. It still isn’t convincing enough, I know. Alright. Think about 5 things from the top of your mind without giving much thought. Done? You may feel that is entirely random. It might as well be, for all we know. What you may not realise is, that is a pattern on its own, connected by something we don’t know yet. At the very least your thinking, your conscious. See where I am going? Still not convinced? Understandable. In Greek mythology, Chaos was the first thing to exist. Make of that what you will. And then darkness (Erebus) and Night (Nyx) were born from chaos. Chaos is such a powerful word. The very moment you categorise something as chaos, it becomes a pattern on its own. Classic ‘tomorrow never comes’ case. We programmers know this better. Use the random function next time you pretend to be working on Java or C in your sad computer lab. Use it to generate random numbers. The moment 10 numbers are printed randomly, how random is that? Again too many question marks.

Whenever I sit to write a blog post, I usually have something in my mind. Something I need to get out of my system. Something bugging me from the past 7 days or 7 years I can’t say. Something which makes me draw up random conclusions from weird observations. All these thoughts manifest themselves as words. This is the case most of the time. Not this time. This time I have nothing on my mind. No deep theories, absurd connections or random imaginations. Nothing. It is just chaos. Where do I start? Where do I end? This is what random feels like probably. Makes sense? No? Why does everything have to make sense? I realise I ask a lot more than I can answer sometimes. So many questions, very few answers. Random. Yes, I feel it too. If you think this is random, you are probably right for the most part. I would agree with you for once. The unimaginably complex cobweb inside the deep waters of mind. There is no beginning, there is no end. “Like dogs chasing cars”. This is what chaos feels like. I guess.


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