The End Game

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and see through it. Feel your surrounding. Feel your world. Silent and static right? Sit tight and think. Sit tight and feel. Nothing is moving around you. Nothing is changing around you. Air is dead. The clock ticks away. After some time the ticking drives your crazy. Seems everything is staring right at your face. As I see, it is what the universe wants you to believe. What you see around you maybe as still as a rock, that is what the universe wants you to believe. Behold, relativity.

What may seem nice to you, may seem horrific to your neighbour. One might as well call it perspective and it wouldn’t be wrong for the most part. Relativity is what makes us what we are. It is what makes the universe the way it is. It is what makes time move the way it does. Not a lot of people comprehend relativity. It would be a sin to say I do. The essence of relativity lies in the interpretations of an individual. Think about it – the trees are moving backwards when you are moving forward in your car. One of the everyday examples of relativity. It is exemplary how something which governs the universe in its entirety can be explained through a simple event. Feeding to my obsession about Interstellar, in all the planets the team goes, time runs differently compared to Earth. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Bear in mind, never backwards. At least not as we know it. At least not in the dimensions known to us. Where did it start? How did time come into existence? Not the kind of question you come across every day.

All the scientific and cosmological theories point to the Big Bang. One event which is believed to be the beginning of everything. Beginning of reality. Beginning of existence. Beginning of time. It took us thousands of years to come to that conclusion. Majority of the hypothesis is backed by mathematical proof. But science has always taught us to question everything. ‘You hit a wall, you push through it’. It might be right. The Big Bang being the answer for everything. Obviously, mathematics cannot be wrong. Lale would agree indubitably. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What you call static, is just a mere illusion created by our dear old friend gravity. This very moment, our galaxy is moving with speeds which are out of our imagination. Our Solar System is moving at the same speed (almost). At the very least, our planet is moving at a thousand miles per hour. Close your eyes. Question your reality. Question your understanding.

Studies show that since the Big Bang, the universe is expanding constantly. Some would even say exponentially. This fact is a direct contradiction of our understanding of the universe from ancient time which suggested that the universe is static. Great minds have toiled hard to come to the conclusion that the universe is not static but is expanding. If this is the case, what happens in the end? Will the universe expand infinitely? Will it ever stop? When it does, what happens to time? What happens to gravity? What happens to space-time?

The stars we observe are very dense in nature. Same is the case with our galaxy and even our universe. Allow me to introduce symmetry here. Physicists and cosmologists have regarded the events before the Big Bang as irrelevant stating that they cannot or will not affect our present situation. Perhaps the Big Bang was the beginning after all. Within the boundaries of my imagination, one of my understanding is to believe the Big Bang as not a starting point, but as a middle point. Here’s how: It is evident now that the universe is expanding and everything started from the Big Bang. For the sake of curiosity, think why the Big Bang might have happened. Considering the symmetry, if this universe is expanding, why couldn’t it mean that somewhere in time or space-time, there existed a parallel universe which was contracting? Started at infinity or at some point in time we don’t know, the parallel universe started to contract slowly and increase in contraction obviously means increase in density and decrease in volume. Elementary science. The parallel universe began to contract so much, that at some point the volume became infinitesimally small and volume is inversely proportional to density. Again, elementary science. Then comes our protagonist, the Big Bang. A time (or space-time) wherein the volume of the parallel universe became zero and ergo, making the density infinite. The works of Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose has clearly explained what happens to starts which collapse upon themselves after reaching extremely high density. Apply the same logic here. The Big Bang was when the parallel universe had become infinitely dense and exploded (or should I say imploded). The birthplace of our universe. The birthplace of zero and infinity. Perhaps that is why humans were baffled by the concept of zero and took thousands of years to understand it. On the other hand, we are yet to define or understand infinity.

Again, this might be just another theory hoping to penetrate light into the deep abyss of the universe or for all we know – multiverse. This is what science teaches us. This is what relativity is all about. Einstien’s theory of general relativity is one such theory which tries to untangle the intricate knot. So is that it? Is general relativity the answer for everything? Take a guess.

The power of thinking is so magnificent that it never settles. Just when people came to understand the theory of general relativity, then came the set of theories/hypothesis which came to be known as Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Theory. Scientists like Max Planck, de Broglie, Heisenberg and Paulie contributed to solidifying the Quantum Mechanics over a period of time. It is then people realised Einstien’s theory of general relativity does not hold good when applied to Quantum principles. See? Question everything. For all we know, in 100 years another set of hypothesis may disprove or change the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics altogether. The beauty of knowledge. The beauty of thinking.

However, at this moment, one set of theory makes sense. Just how people believed the earth was the centre of the universe in the Ptolemic era. Can you say they were wrong? For their time, it was the discovery of the century. It doesn’t matter whether it was disproved later on. But at that time, it was the understanding. Exactly how we are now. Again, relativity. The mind believes what it wants to believe. Understanding in all its meaning is a relative term subjected to change over the course of time (and perhaps gravity also).

Close your eyes.


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