For the mind is a wanderer

And there’s never a destination. One of my original quotes. Makes sense to me at least for the most part. I just finished reading The Alchemist and what a wonderful piece of art it was. I honestly didn’t have a clue what would it be about. The cover always seemed to puzzle me. A giant pyramid and light rays coming from behind it. For me, it was borderline mystical. The first thing I was interested in was Egypt. It might have been the effect of the Mummy movie series but it all turned out to be good. I started reading a pocket collins-classic book on Egypt and that lead to reading some more books on the same subject. Ancient Egypt fascinated me. The Pharos, the Sphinx and what not. I began to read the Alchemist and from the first few pages itself, I was hooked. After all, there is a reason it is one of the all-time bestselling novels. The author talks about destiny and how one has to be determined in order to reach one’s goal. 

The world is filled with rules. Like it or not, that is the case. Even before posting a dumbass picture on Facebook you think a hundred times. That is what society has made you into. The beauty of a face quantified by a mere number of responses. Condemn the free spirit to burning hell, for you are a prisoner. The wings of imagination have been cut off by constantly being reminded by the society of what to do and what not to do. The modern age of slavery. Damn, I sound like an anarchist or something even worse. I don’t mind though. This is my freedom. This is my free spirit. 

Life takes a circle. As clichèd as it may sound sometimes it is true and if you are vigilant enough, you will get to witness it. I despised mathematics and physics all my life. High school, Pre-University, the college, you name it. Every single Physics class I attended, I’m pretty sure I was wondering about Cricket, Batman or the new Christopher Nolan movie. But here I am – writing about space and shit. You can find a couple of Stephen Hawking books on my shelf now. The very fact that sometimes my mind tells me to pursue Quantum Physics again with a view of combining it with Computer Science and potentially build a career around it, frightens me. Physics, metaphysics, astrophysics excites me now. I jump into every conversation in college which involves time travel and I am constantly trying to connect everything from Doctor Strange to Back to the Future movie to what I have written. Relativity isn’t that hard see? At the end of the day, it is just connecting the dots at the right place and time. 

I bunked a Java test in college the other day and that wasn’t even the worrisome part. It struck me that night when I was sitting jobless in my room, our future is closer than we think it is. Another one year and we will be out of the well into the giant ocean swimming with sharks and whales. Put your assignments, projects, tests aside and think. How ready are you to embrace the future when it comes knocking on your door. Or will it? Our BA, BCom, BSc counterparts are already in search of jobs. They are in the great game now. I quote TV and movies all the time and it is not a big deal. I always say, whenever you read a book or a write-up, dive into the mind of the writer and think – what made him/her write what they have written and you will get a deep understanding of what they are trying to convey. In some time, the Universe will be done connecting the dots for you. It will be done opening the doors for you. It is up to you – to connect the right dots and to build your own future. Don’t give the readers 4, give them 2+2.

Before you come to the conclusion that none of these makes any sense,

Think again.


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  1. Yep!
    It seriously made me think what we are and where we stand in this competitive world. Though everybody are just worried about the academics and the scores what they get in their IA’s and Exams…there is a need for each one of us to think that…Is it really enough for us to be bound to that “Prescribed VTU books/Syllabus”?! Or do we have something else which is out of our world,or to say, out of our knowledge that we need to explore and know what we actually want to survive in this ocean amongst those sharks and whales as you have quoted above.
    Well thanks for inspiring to think!


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