Friends, Romans and Countrymen

I was very excited when I heard Akarsh’s plan for an International Entrepreneurship Summit. We thought since we were planning to do this in the month of October, we had all the time in the world. Little did we know that no matter how much time we had, it all would boil down to the last week of preparation before the event. In few months, International became National and we didn’t intend to change that any further, come what may. Personally, I had mixed feelings whether we will be able to pull this off or not but some part of me always said that we can make this happen, one way or the other. The first time I felt that this could actually happen is when our principal said yes to an inter-college event. Everything was so calm back then. Contacting a couple of sponsors and speakers was all the work we had and we did it in our own time. Funny how things change when the deadline is fast approaching. Funny how principles change when the deadline is fast approaching.

I went to a walk after I came home from the event and I could enjoy the wind without having to go through tomorrow’s schedule hour-by-hour so that I can brief Rithika while driving the next morning. I wasn’t getting any calls from Vishnu saying the order for samosa has been confirmed and he got juice boxes at a discounted price. I didn’t have to come back home and type emails to the participants or share the plans for tomorrow with the volunteers. Though it was a small event relatively, I felt a huge responsibility which was on my shoulders wasn’t there anymore. For we had managed to pull off one of the biggest events in our college’s history.

I believe a company is only as good as its employees. This was true to the word in our case. I had never thought that the members of our E-Cell could work so methodically and effectively. Our little team of three got increased to four when I briefed Vishnu the plan in detail. That is the last time I had to explain something to him. I can proudly say that the credit for the success of the event goes entirely to the team. I am not writing this as a secretary or whatever of Square One, the titles are lost to me. I am writing this just as an admirer. An admirer of our coordination, an admirer of our dedication and an admirer of our team effort. Rithika and I had almost thought of giving up on the entire event. In retrospect, this event was possible only due to the combined effort of all of us.

Let me tell you a hard truth – People see only the end result. There will be people who will find faults in our management and the way we conducted the event. People may not remember the effort we have put into this. The teachers may not remember the effort we put into this. Participants, audience, management even our parents may not remember the hard work we put into this. It may not be reflected in the reports or newsletter. But I will remember. We all will remember. We will remember how we stood up to our teachers for our volunteers. We will remember how we maintained the account till the last penny. We will remember the way we measured the streets of Kormangala in search of sponsorship. We will remember how we stretched our limits to make sure all the volunteers are properly fed. We will remember the way we handled our guests. We will remember the race against time. We will remember the running up and down the stairs. We will remember going from college to college to get participants. We will remember.

The last few days I encountered a number of moments where my duty demanded me to go against my own principles. I found myself driving at 70 kmph and overtaking a car from the left side on the kerb. I was terrified by seeing that me. This was the case with most of us. I saw people running around with trays full teacups serving people all around. I saw people going against our own lecturers so that the progress doesn’t halt. I saw people going home at 10 so that they can buy food for people who they haven’t even met. This is the price we paid just to make sure the event goes as per our plan. We changed our lifestyle for a few days just to put the collective need ahead of our personal needs. If this isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

We will remember.

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