I came across the Cartesian coordinate system for the first time in 7th standard probably. It was something new and exciting for me. It was just a mere boundary to draw graphs then. I never really understood what it signified. Probably none of us did. We would innocently look in the corner of the room where our Math teacher pointed and we would try to imagine the edges of the walls as the three axes. It was a revolutionary theory for René Descartes when he came up with the Cartesian coordinate system. He probably envisioned it as the theory which would change Mathematics for good and change the way we looked at the Universe. He probably didn’t. I began to realise what dimensions are later on and for some reason, it fascinated me to read about them. I would try hard to understand what it meant when I used to see a poster of a 9-D movie or something like that. I would give up worrying about it after I began to realise sometimes it is just way too hard to imagine higher dimensions. The higher the dimension, the deeper the science and harder it is to comprehend. 

“I think; therefore I am” – René Descartes

People talk about time, gravity, space-time and what not while talking about dimensions and they often leave out one of the most common entity. Something which has baffled the human minds from ages. Something which cannot be understood easily. Something which is hiding in plain sight. Maybe until now. The human mind is capable of doing extraordinary things now. We have reached so far as to induce thinking and imaginations in robots – a mere collection of rivets and screws. Basically, we have made substantial progress in quantifying human emotions and essentially writing equations about them. A rather difficult business it is – understanding emotions because it is almost universal now that emotions can only be felt and expressed, and cannot be quantified. Sometimes it will be so strong, it deceives our own conscience and makes the mind go haywire. The mind, then, stops reasoning and surrenders to emotions. Behold, Love.
Another deranged bullshit love story you say? I think not.

A few months ago, I came across a statement which made no sense to me. Not much of it had made sense from then on. Anyhow, the statement was circular in nature. Something which was like – “I am what I am”. The third case of the classic Munchausen’s trilemma. It made no sense. The proof of the statement was the statement itself. It puzzled me then. If I think about it now, I relate to it so well, I almost feel sorry for ridiculing it in the first place. Some things are meant to be that way. Some things are not meant to be understood. Love is one among them.

People say love is blind. I feel people are blind to comprehend love. It is more than hearts, kisses and roses as I see. People do things when they are in love which they themselves would have thought to be absurd otherwise. That is the impact of one’s feelings towards another, not necessarily another human. Love can manifest itself in so many other forms. Some benign and some malevolent. Love had made people rise to the level of God at the same time cause unfathomable destruction. Throughout history, we find examples of people waging wars in the name of love. They have killed and sinned just to grab what they thought they loved. Be it a woman, gold or land. But think for one second – can you blame them for doing so? Do you think Menelaus was a monster just because he burned an entire city down for his wife? Do you think Alexander was a criminal for desiring to rule the world? That, incredibly so, is the power of love. It makes you believe that whatever you are doing in order to get it, is right and sadly, your conscience agrees to it. For your conscience is already compromised.

“Love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable. Powerful. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.” – Dr. Amelia Brand, Interstellar

This is probably why I connect with that movie on so many different levels. This is one of the aptest descriptions of love I have ever come across. People leave their family, their friends, sometimes even their honour for love and no matter how absurd it looks for an outsider, it convinces the people involved that it is the right path. When in love, people want to be trapped inside it forever. For they see liberation in being trapped.

The pain of not seeing your loved one or the pain love induces on so many levels is almost worth everything. Knowingly or unknowingly, you will want that pain to last longer. The pain is what that makes love precious. The pain is what that makes love exquisite. On the other hand, Love induces hope. The hope of seeing a single sight of your loved one is what that is keeping you alive. Note that, by love, I do not only mean love between a man and a woman. It is far vast than that. It is far deep than that. For instance, the hope of seeing Mecca is what that keeps many people alive and the pain of not having seen the Mecca is what makes people work towards achieving their goal. It shouldn’t be surprising if you find difficult to let that pain go away. For once they have seen Mecca, the sense of accomplishment presides over both hope and pain involved and this holds good in most of the cases.

Love is one such thing in which reasoning is not what we think it is. Reasoning and logic may not be always present in love and it is supposed to be that way. Going back to the last case of Munchausen’s trilemma, it is never desirable to find answers to some questions for you don’t know how satisfied you will be with the answer you find. You love something because you love something. The earlier you understand it or the earlier you let go of the illusion of understanding, the more liberated you are. 

The more liberated you are.

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