Chamomile Archives – 1

Hi there.

A lot has happened since my last post. I moved to a new apartment, started playing a new sport and I have surprised myself with the amount of interest I have developed about college this semester. Not because I have grown an unfathomable affection towards computers but because I desperately need to get my GPA up! So time to suck it up.

I started playing Squash since I moved into my new apartment. This is the first racquet sport which I have started to play seriously after my badminton debacle. Squash has opened me up to a whole new ecosystem of sports. Until now, the only sport I have played with interest is Cricket and to some extent Football. Squash is obviously different than what I have played till now. It has a very steep learning curve (at least for me) and I am beginning to learn its techniques and methods thanks to my dear friend Suraj, who, not only has run circles around me since we started paying but has also made me lose a hell lot of calories in the very first week.

It sure as hell feels good to write something other than Universe shit for once. Must be a relief for you too. No uber thoughts to perceive and no intricate theories to digest and most of all I don’t have to go through a million Wikipedia pages before I post. This is, however, an experimental post though as I have never posted anything like this before. I wanted to see how well I could document the daily happenings of my life. So here I am, typing away while sipping my hot chamomile tea.

My uncle, who is currently living in my old apartment was diagnosed with Flu earlier this week. All of us were worried about him. My mother and I did multiple trips between my old and new apartment just to take care of him. The irony is, that he is a bloody fitness freak and he watches what he eats very carefully. His sickness made me realise that even the strongest of us have our bad days and no matter how cautious you are about your health, what will happen will happen. Because that is the path which has been carved out for you a long time ago. After a whole week of pain and misery, he is doing just fine now.

I am restraining myself from starting any TV shows, books, games etc because I know for a fact that this year, my studies need my undivided attention and all these will surely take my mind off it. Which is why even after repeated pestering from my classmates, I have not started playing DOTA. I want to but I know I am making the right choice by putting my needs ahead of my wants. This is basically the reason why I haven’t started with the 2nd season of Peaky Blinders. Man! What a show! It made me push Godfather to the 2nd position in my all-time favourite crime dramas. Now I realise why my brother dear wanted me to watch it so badly.

On a gathering storm comes a tall, handsome man; with a dusty black coat and a red right hand

My TEDx talk is due in around 2 months and to be honest I have no clue what I am going to speak about. Scares the shit out of me at times – not knowing what to speak. Also, let me do some promotion to the event by asking you to like the Facebook page and contact through message for tickets. Here is the link – Be there.

So this is what it feels like.

Anyway, until next time.


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