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Hello everybody!

It has been a long time since I wrote that’s because I was caught up on so many things. I cannot remember the time I was free enough to sit down and start writing. A quick follow up on CA – 3: I passed in that subject which I had applied for revaluation. Turns out the examiner had just randomly missed out on giving 13 marks on my paper. So that was a big relief knowing that there is no 0 in my credits column.

The previous week was a very important one for me. Last Sunday, I gave my first TEDx talk in Mysore on Entrepreneurship and man that was something! Just to prepare for it, I went to live with my grandparents in Mysore before a week and also to attend a Model United Nations conference where I, once again represented Israel on the Israel and Palestine conflict. Not to sound condescending but this time around there was no challenge at all and I won the best delegate award with ease.

Coming back to the TEDx saga, preparing for the talk was not an easy task. I was chilling out in Mysore with absolutely no script ready and I had no clue what to talk. It was on Entrepreneurship so that gave me confidence that I am not new to the topic. One fine night, 4 days before the event, I sat down with my computer and started typing away. What I actually did was, start writing as if I was writing a blog post and that gave me really good insights as to what I wanted to talk about. Later when I had written some few lines I realised that I don’t have to think too much about what I have to talk. For this wasn’t a fairytale but this was just fragments of my life’s experiences as a student-entrepreneur. I started listing down the challenges I faced and started to form reasonable and logical workarounds for them. In the end, I was ready with a set of 6 challenges and their workarounds which came up to about 15 minutes. I surprised myself when I finished the whole script in one night and something just felt right about it. Interestingly enough, I didn’t bother showing it to someone else to get their review on the talk as I would have done on any other blog post. I knew within me that what I was about to speak made sense.

I had invited many of my friends to the talk and all the expected ones did come. Some even travelled long distances just to witness my talk. There were some who ignored the invitation right away not something which I was surprised at. My classmates bailed out on travelling to Mysore plus the ticket rates were pretty high. I felt really happy when Rithika called me the night before the talk just to wish me luck. Good to know that people don’t just forget about you and your life’s happenings. Probably in the next post, I will share the link to the YouTube video of the talk.

Now that I am back in Bangalore, the next couple of months will be crucial for me. In the next few weeks, I really have to decide on my plans for my future and start working towards it. Just when I thought I had it all figured with my MBA in Finance plan, the very fact that most of the universities in the USA require the candidates to have minimum work experience made me rethink my priorities and now I find myself wanting a job. Something which would have been unthinkable for the 3rd semester me. At the same time, there are one or two startup ideas which I have been considering lately and one of them seems really plausible. As the title reads, crossroads baby! If I do decide to start another venture, I have promised myself that I will not commit the same mistakes I did in my previous one. From the past two days, I have been telling myself to listen to my own advice on starting up. I will be sure to document my decisions here so stay tuned.

As always, a big and warm welcome to the new followers and please share Equinox in your network help increase the popularity of my blog.

Until next time then!




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