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War is cruel. It was and it always has been. Ever since the beginning of time, war has been a heinous monstrosity where people have died in millions for the wicked pleasure and a deluded excuse for the ambition of a select few who, undoubtedly, did not care for the lives of their soldiers. Which actually increases my respect for the modern day defence personnel who serve their nation with a noble and just intention, which is to serve their nation and not just a misled King. But what I am about to write is not the usual kind of war. One which is widely disregarded and one which holds the potential to cause damage of unthinkable measures. This is about the war within. Interestingly enough, this is the war which has the capability to rattle the very foundations of humanity.

The human mind, as said by many great thinkers, is the best weapon there is. It has the ability to create something magnificent and destroy the same within seconds. This need not necessarily refer to countries, border fights, terrorism etc. Think a bit more inwards. Think within.

You are at war with your own self whenever you look at the next person and be jealous of him/her. You are at war when you see a crime and you keep quiet about it. You are at war when you work for something or someone who you don’t fully believe in. You are at war when you let your ego get the better of you. You are at war when the only person you care about is yourself. This is the war mankind has been waging perpetually and for some reason has failed to acknowledge it widely. Not all, however. People who were able to slaughter their inner demons came to be known as the enlightened ones. Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekananda and the list goes on. These are the people who fought the war against their cruellest of emotions with weapons of noble intentions and were able to find peace in the end. In our steadfast definition of a war, people die. But here dreams, wisdom and virtues die. And when one has lost the war against his inner demons, he is condemned to spread it to the world. This takes the form of terrorism, hate speech and violence.

I have been thinking of writing about all of this for a while now. I was chained by an airtight timetable during my exams which I had to deal with alone as my mother, who lives with me, is on a well-deserved vacation in England. Writing about all of this is easy. Battling against them is difficult. Quite understandably this is mankind’s one of the greatest challenges and this is something which the holy scriptures have been preaching all along.

Winning the war against your inner demons will take courage, relentlessness and time. It is a process, through which you will be faced with a lot of challenges and it is the ability of an individual to overcome all those challenges is what is going to decide whether the war is won or lost. As I write this, I am not even close to thinking or letting you readers believe that I have achieved all of this. I am as human as the next person and I face these challenges the same way everyone does. This is just a mere documentation of the observations I have made. Further, it is an attempt to drive you readers into seeing something which, if not dealt with, might scar you in an inconceivable manner.

Good day!

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