My earliest writing memory is that of a descriptive answer in my elementary school in my English textbook. Everyone else seemed to just ignore that question but I took some time, analysed the question and wrote a short essay. I didn’t get it graded but I knew I had written something good. It felt good to see my thoughts materialise for the first time.

I am Sudhanva Vasisht. I am an Engineering student from Bangalore and I write.

I write about stuff ranging from the deep secrets of the cosmos to the wall colour of my favourite restaurant. I had stopped writing for a very long time. In my elementary school, I had scribbled some of my own superhero stories and that was about it.

It was in the mid of July 2017 I started Equinox. I could say I had found inspiration from writing my first research paper which was a very formal writing experience. Borders, specific font sizes and what not! That is when I thought about writing on my own. Without any boundaries or restrictions, just giving existence to my thoughts in the form of words. Honestly, I wasn’t able to find a good name so I settled for whatever domain was available and the pick of the lot was Equinox. Read my first post for more details.

So, Welcome to my personal blog and I hope you have fun reading what I write.


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